Privacy Policy

What personal information does Team Gazelle collect from online customers?

When you place an order with us we collect your name, address, email address, telephone number and credit card information.

What if I join the Team Gazelle mailing list?

By joining the Team Gazelle mailing list you are giving us permission to keep you informed of programs, clinics, sales, product launches and other information we think you may be interested in. We still do not rent or exchange our customer’s information with any other vendors.

What if I register for a Team Gazelle event?

When you register for a Team Gazelle event we do occasionally share our participant lists with other like-minded organizations that sponsor similar events. We will occasionally purchase lists from other events/programs for use in our direct mail and email marketing.

How do I remove my name and contact information from the Team Gazelle mailing list?

There is always an option to remove your name from our mailing list on our Website, and any email correspondence we send to you will provide an option to have your name removed from our list.

Is it safe to shop online with Team Gazelle?

Your online orders at Team Gazelle are just as safe as any other credit card purchase that you will ever make. We use sophisticated encryption technology to keep your credit card information safe while you are shopping online.

At Team Gazelle we use SSL (Secure Socket Layering) 128 bit encryption to protect your information as it travels over the Internet. Consumer protection laws protect you against any unauthorized use of your credit card. Federal law dictates that your legal liability is limited to $50 if your credit card number is used without your permission. If you suspect any illegal use of your card, call your issuing bank immediately to make sure your rights are protected.