Production Delay Notice

Dear Team Gazelle Customers,

As many of you know, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to impact all of our communities in many different ways. Although we’ve worked really hard to plan for and mitigate hiccups in our process, Team Gazelle is not immune to these impacts in many areas of our business.


Each summer, we hire a team of seasonal staff, based on the expected timing of product arrival and club orders. In a non-pandemic year, aligning customer order deadlines with product arrival and the staff to produce uniforms is a logistical feat in itself. This year, however, that alignment has been impossible. Ongoing disruptions in the supply chain have delayed the delivery of many of our products, causing backorders and pushing our busiest time of the season back a few weeks.


Although we did our best to plan our staff accordingly, these disruptions have pushed our busiest time beyond when many of our seasonal staff, (who are mostly high school and college students) are returning to school. To exacerbate the issue, the overall staffing shortage has proven to be another barrier to fill the vacating spots on our team that are needed to continue production at the highest volume of the season.  This is creating a perfect storm: the arrival of delayed products on top of late season planned production as our team capacity is significantly reduced.


As a result, the delivery of your order is likely to be delayed, and it is possible that it may not arrive prior to your first date of play. I understand that this may be very frustrating to hear- especially if you have placed your order within the deadline that was communicated to you. I sincerely apologize for the impact that it will have on you, and your player who is eager and excited to receive their kits for the start of the season.


Our team will continue to work very hard to process orders as quickly as we are able. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated as we navigate these difficult circumstances.



John Korreck

Director of Warehouse Operations and Team Gazelle