Nike FootballX Menor Futsal Ball

Style Number: SC3039-410


Nike Menor X Futsal Ball

The game is played on basketball-sized courts, both indoors and out without the use of sidewalls. It is played with a special low-bounce ball that encourages players to be quick on their feet, deliver passes with exceptional accuracy and control the ball under constant pressure. Futsal is incredibly fun and challenging at the same time and it's a great training device for soccer players at any age/skill level.

The Nike X Menor Futsal Ball provides exceptional touch and control for the small-sided game. It features a high-contrast graphic pattern for an immediate, true read on flight trajectory and spin. Futsal size is smaller and heavier than traditional balls.


  • Traditional 32-panel design for true and accurate ball flight
  • Low-bounce bladder provides superior air retention
  • Textured casing enhances touch and feel
  • 100% Textile

Futsal Ball Sizing

  • PRO: Ages 12 and up; equivalent to a size 4 soccer ball
  • YOUTH: Ages 6-12; equivalent to a size 2 soccer ball