June - Manager of the Month

Behind every great person, there is someone who enabled his or her ascension and successes. What would you do without those dozens of people in your life that have guided you along your path? Whether a teacher from third grade who finally got you to raise your hand in class, a family friend who gave you your first guitar, an Arnold Palmer-sipping neighbor who’d share stories of his childhood or a soccer coach who helped get you that scholarship into your dream school. These friends, relatives, partners, colleagues, assistants, lovers, muses, teachers, and coaches deserve credit for shaping our lives, some lightly and others with more impact.

Our GSS featured Manager of the Month of June is Portage Soccer Club's (PSC) President and Coach, David Rice. His commitment to the game of soccer and the community is evident from the countless hours spent coaching and leading the Portage Soccer Club.

On March 9th, Coach Rice was inducted into Michigan State Youth Soccer Association's (MSYSA) Hall of Fame. At Portage Soccer Club he still holds various positions with WMYSA and maintains the club's nine facilities which opened in 2002 and is now recognized as one of the foremost soccer complexes in Michigan.

Vice president Jay Hoffman has high praises for Coach Rice, stating, “ Since the beginning of our existence as a club, he has been a part of making players and families dreams come true. David Rice has been the ambassador of our club, serving many roles acting as Club President, tournament director, coach, and to many of us also a dear friend and mentor.”

Coach Rice, thanks for being an inspiration and role model to the soccer community! Your dedication and leadership over the years have helped grow the development and love of soccer for players, coaches, and other volunteers in our community and across Michigan!