April - Coach of the Month


Gazelle Sports Soccer Coach of the Month - April

We are delighted to recognize Emerson Andino, Midwest United FC, as the April Coach of the Month. Emerson currently coaches the 08 Girls White, 03 Girls White, 06 Boys Silver, and 03 Boys Grey. Coach Andino is being nominated as a result of the impact he’s had on the development of his players, influence he’s had on spreading the passion of the game, and inspiration he’s brought his teams, parents, and Midwest United FC coaching staff.

Lewis Robinson, Director of Coaching at Midwest United FC, shared this statement about Coach Andino: "Emerson is an excellent coach and a great example to other coaches working in youth soccer. His passion for the game is truly contagious and this is shown by the extra hours he puts in with his players every day. You can see him consistently running extra training sessions for his teams and his enthusiasm for learning and improving in the game of soccer can be seen in all of his players.”

Emerson moved to the United States 20 years ago from his hometown Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Him and his wife, Ely, have three boys - Karim, Emerson Jr., and Adolfo. Before moving to the U.S, Emerson played for a semi-professional soccer club in Honduras called Melgar F.C. From 1998-2005, he helped run and compete in the Grand Rapids and Holland Hispanic soccer leagues until he decided to hang up the boots and get into coaching youth soccer. He quickly fell in love with having the opportunity to develop kids into confident players who desire to better themselves on and off the pitch, above and beyond just winning titles and medals.

Emerson is a coach with a very bright future as he stays heavily involved in seeking coaching education and developing his coaching skills. When I asked him what's important for players to understand about him as a coach, he said it’s important to develop players the right way: make confident technical players who like to possess the ball and work hard.

“He is a deserving recipient of this coaching award and we are proud to have him on our staff at Midwest United FC”, said Secretary Tina Sternberg. Coach Andino is passionate about the game and improving the players through positive, fun, yet intentional and intense training and coaching. He is truly invested in teaching the game and lessons involved with being a team. Gazelle Sports Soccer is honored to acknowledge an excellent coach for West Michigan’s young soccer talent.

Coach of the Month Q&A

Q: What’s your favorite soccer shoe all time?
A: Adidas All Black Predator

Q: Favorite club team? (EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga)
A: Real Madrid

Q: Favorite player? (men, woman, U-21)
A: Diego Maradona

Q: When you coach and teach your team defense, what's more important technique or attitude?
A: Both

Q: What's important for players to understand about you as a coach?
A: The importance to develop players the right way. Make confident technical players who like to possess the ball and work hard.

Q: Did you have any pre-game or post game rituals you practiced routinely when you played?
A: I wear a dark blue v-neck Midwest United Shirt

Q: What do you think is the best character trait a coach can possess?
A: Personality

Q: If you could choose one place to live in the world where would it be and why?
A: Besides here Spain, because of the passion of the soccer

Q: To – date, as a coach, what has brought you the most fulfillment?
A: The success in practice

Q: Who are some of your favorite musicians, bands or singers?
A: Guns and Roses

Q: What’s your most impressive “go to” meal that you can cook?
A: Churrasco

Q: How do you plan on developing your players on a personal level off of the field?
A: I talk to them encourage them and improve themselves as a player by such as juggling at home and also improve themselves as good people

Q: What team building activities do you like?
A: End of the season parties

Q: How would you handle discipline of players?
A: Make them do sprints

Q: What do you foresee as the key skills your players will want to focus on for development and growth ?
A: Foot skills

Q: Do you think playing time is more important than training with the best coaches and players?
A: Training with the best coaches and players that way the playing time comes easier to them

Q: How do you deal with players and parents about concerns about playing time?
A: Most of the time I rotate my players no matter mrl, premier, select

Q: What kind of equipment would you suggest to a new soccer player?
A: Balls and cones

Q: Is having fun more of an importance than winning?
A: Having fun

Q: Why do you feel like impacting the community is important for your club?
A: To make it more than a soccer club and make it as a soccer family

Congratulations, Coach Emerson! Thanks for sharing your coaching insights of the game and life with the community and being a role model to your players and other coaches.